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High Speed Rotational Facility

The high speed rotational facility has been designed and developed by us using our own core technology. All the high speed rotational components can be tested to verify the output performance or structural reliability in the quite similar operating conditions under the programmed precise control sequence.

Maruwa spin test facility

Spin Tester

It is our standard model adopted vertical drive.
Maximum speed: 250,000min-1
Maximum test piece weight: 4ton 

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Specific demanding spin test facility

Special Custom Made Apparatus

All custom made per your request
will have you the world leading innovation.

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High Speed Drives

High speed drives based on the high speed rotational facility work for another application sufficiently in respect to industrial application or specific use on your site.

unique ultra high speed drive
High speed electric motor

High Frequency Motor

Available for both asynchronous induction and  synchronous permanent magnet solutions designed  to meet your application. Maximum speed: 100,000min-1        Maximum output power: 280kW


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High speed gearbox
High Speed Gearbox

The gearbox can cover wider operation range
that it is hard for just high frequency motor.
Maximum speed: 200,000min-1 (Gear ratio:  50:1)

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Combustion chamber

The combustion chamber has been designed and developed based on aircraft engine technology, to be capable of achieving to high temperature, large flow rate and high flow velocity required in the quite similar operating conditions under the programmed precise control sequence.

Combustion chamber
Turbocharger test rig

Output perfomance and reliability survey can be performed for turbocharger demanded by modern automobile for high performance and function.

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Engine exhaust gas simulator

The combustion chamber and the special control sequence can simulate the real exhaust gas conditions without any actual engines, for testing engine exhaust Components.

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High temperature environmental test rig

The extreme hard conditions under high temperature and flow velocity is suitable test atmosphere for development of advanced high temperature materials.

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Special product

Slip Ring

High speed slip ring

It is quite unique measurement devices having both high speed and multiple contact
Lots of accurate data acquisition can be performed in the testing.

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Active magnetic bearing

Active magnetic bearing

Based on our core technology we design and provide the magnetic bearing system with full digital controller. Full completed system combined into high frequency motor is definitely recommended. You will see the perfect drives with oil free and maintenance free. 

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Other facilities


Bird strike test rig, Chopper, Speed calibrator, Turbine generator, Refrigerator....
any other special request whatever you like, do not hesitate to contact us.

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