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Maruwa spin test facility

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World Leading Spin Tester

Our spin testers are designed and fabricated for all the demanded precise, accurate and cutting edge tests of high speed rotational components, to verify and obtain the integrity of material strength, structural design and the other various design or manufacturing conditions by centrifugal stress.


Overspeed testing, Burst testing, Stress survey testing, Centrifugal acceleration loading testing Hot spin testing, Cryogenic testing, Radial growth testing, Containment testing, Cyclic fatigue testing, Endurance testing, QC testing


Combined with high efficient drive and regenerative system, Vibration damping technology, Safety containment, High precise and reliable control and data acquisition system, High efficient and green drives, Full custom made available


Past Production Examples


Electronic motor
Air turbine
制御計測装置実施例 (PCベース)
Controller (PC)
制御計測装置実施例  (タッチパネルベース)
Controller (Touch panel)

High Precise Control System 


Visualized precise and reliable control system engaged by PLC provides comfortable operation and steady safety protection.


Drives for Spin Tester

The suitable drive choice to meet your test pieces and the test conditions. Any drives can be designed for the requirement except the following drives equipped for a test service in-house. Feel free to contact us anytime.


Drives Maximum operation speed  [min-1] Maximum test piece weight  Output curve
Air turbine 250,000 1 Spec
200,000 3.2 Spec
150,000 3.6 Spec
100,000(Normal) 14 Spec
100,000(High power) 14 Spec
60,000(Normal) 90 Spec
60,000(High power) 90 Spec
40,000 400 Spec
30,000(Normal) 680 Spec
30,000(High power) 680 Spec
18,000 1800 Spec
12,000 3600 Spec
60kW motor 36,000-42,000  400 Spec
15.5kW motor  72,000   50 Spec


Weekday 8:30~17:45


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