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Active Magnetic Bearing

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What's Active Magnetic Bearing

Active magnetic bearing is one of the rotor support technologies having rotor levitated using attractive magnetic forces by servo feedback control. Active magnetic bearing is comprised of electromagnets incorporating sensors for 5axis both radial and axial directions and full digital controller incorporating power amplifier, sensor circuit and CPU, which controls the rotor stabilization with the specific software.

Because of no mechanical losses by non-contact, oil free and maintenance free the solution is suitable for industrial application or special environmental regulation.


Oil free   =>  Clean bearing, for vacuum condition

Long life (No mechanical contact)  =>  Maintenance free

Ultrahigh speed  =>   beyond 100,000min-1

Environmental accommodation  =>  -140 ~ 150deg C

Energy conservation  =>  30% of consumption saving to roller bearings

Past Production Examples

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Weekday 8:30~17:45


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