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High Speed Slip Ring

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High Speed Slip Ring

Our slip ring system has very multiple contact in spite of high speed rotation, which reduces the risk of uncertainty of acquired data reliability as well as test time reduction. Real time measurement in the target rotational speed for stress, temperature or pressure of a rotational component at any critical location concerned in your design. Power transfer as well as signal communication allows supply/discharge from a power devices in a rotor.


Contact        Maximum speed
  16ct      100,000rpm
  36ct        90,000rpm
  72ct        75,000rpm
100ct          60,000rpm
150ct          45,000rpm
212ct              32,000rpm
300ct          15,000rpm
352ct          15,000rpm
424ct          15,000rpm
496ct            5,000rpm
744ct          5,000rpm

Service Examples

Installation on the spin tester allows real time stress or temperature survey with various target speeds continuously while spin testing is conducted. 

Installation of 424contacts slip ring at the shaft end on the side of compressor intake for rotational blade stress survey testing of gas turbine engine


Weekday 8:30~17:45


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